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Link Cocktail
Your ultimate solution to DIVERSITY of LINKS. It is a mixture/combination of the different types of links done in a slower pace (manual), at a daily drip rate that appears natural to Google (between 3 – 20 links per day). The package must be subscribed on a regular basis (monthly) to make it appear natural to Google.

What will I get out of this service
  • Maximum of two (2) keywords and urls are allowed for the Forum Profile Links, Wiki Links and Article Links. The two (2) keywords must be related.  We will also add “Click here” and “url” only for link diversity.
  • We will chose 1 priority keyword and url for the Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking and Twitter Tweets.
  • Make sure you have the FB like, Google+ and Twitter buttons installed in your website esp. in the homepage.
  • No need to write the article for the Article Links and Wiki Links.  We will write them for you and spin/shuffle the article so it appears unique.  The articles will be 75% unique Copyscape passed.
  • We will send you a detailed excel report of all the links done except for the Google Searches.
Link Cocktail Package
  • Forum Profile links
  • Blog Comments
  • Article Links on Web 2.0 blogs
  • Facebook Likes
  • Google +
  • Twitter tweets
  • .edu/.gov site profile links
  • Wiki Links
  • Google site/keyword searches

Just tell us how many links you want for each link type and we will contact you for the quote.

Social Links
Google, nowadays, are increasingly giving more weight to “social links” in determining search engine results page (SERPs). And it is even indispensable for an effective SEO campaign to have social signals.  If you will order our Social Links package, the distribution per account will change month on month.  The social links are not distributed equally to make it appear natural.

Pre-requisite when ordering this package

If you will order this package, make sure you have the ff:

1)  Three (3) social buttons, shown below, installed in the main page and in inside pages of your website.  You can find a lot of social plugins if you search the net.

Social Buttons to be installed in your website:




2)  Must have your site’s Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+1 Account.

Social Links Package
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Google +

Just tell us how many social links you want for each type and we will contact you for the quote.


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