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In the age of Internet, it is mandatory for any business in the hotel industry to have a website.  Most of the customers in this industry are located far away from the hotel location and the only way to reach them in the most convenient way anytime anywhere is thru the Internet via a hotel website with a booking engine.  If you want to greatly boost your hotel bookings and eliminate room vacancies, you need to have a website.

Our company can offer you two (2) options to have a hotel website with booking engine –

  1.  hotel website that requires a cash outlay
  2. hotel website that one requires no cash outlay
A hotel website of your own at a price. A hotel website we will create for you at no cost.
Pros: Pros:
  1. The website is owned by you.
  2. Hotel design that is unique to you.
  3. All the booking fees go directly to you.
  4. We will provide you a total system that will allow you to manage your hotel from front end to back end as well as monitor the booking fees.
  1. No cash outlay for the website development costs.
  2. No monthly hosting fees.
  3. Marketing and website management will be done by us.
  4. You pay us a commission, net of applicable fees and taxes, only when there is an actual booking.
  5. There is no cost to you if there is no sale.
  6. Potential for a bigger sale due to our expertise in search engine optimization and online marketing campaign.
Cons: Cons:
  1. You pay for the initial development costs of the website which can be substantial depending on the size of the hotel.
  2. You pay for the monthly hosting fees.
  3. Marketing and management of the website is totally your responsibility.
  1. The website is not owned by you.
  2. Booking fees first go to us, after which, we send the payment to you, net of our commission at an agreed date.
About this Service: About this Service:
Our Hotel Website Design Package consists of two options.  We are your sales agents and we earn commissions from actual bookings.
1) A Hotel Website with a full-featured “live” booking engine that accepts payments via Paypal, Credit Card, Advance Payment booking or other offline payment methods such as bank deposit or BancNet online payment. Reservations are immediately confirmed once paid. The booking engine includes the backroom system. Check here the full features of the Hotel Booking Engine. This is an arrangement that does not require you to pay us a single cent.  All you have to do is sign up the Sales Agency Agreement.  The cost involved in setting up the website as well as marketing your hotel online is our responsibility.   If you are interested in this arrangement, we have to agree to a commission rate per booking made.
2) A Hotel Website with a Reservation System. This is good for hotels that do not have qualified IT staff that can handle a full-featured online booking system. Reservations are sent via email and the customer receives confirmation of booking via email also after a few minutes or hours the reservation was made. Please click on the button below to signify your approval in allowing us to be your sales agent.  Upon receipt of your message, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of this arrangement.
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DEMO SITE – Hotel site with live Booking Engine.

You may take a look at our demo hotel site with the booking engine at this address:


Check here for the features of this booking engine.You can try to book a room and check your email for the confirmation. Different payment options are available for your customers. The content of the email messages can be customized for your hotel.  You can also choose from our gallery of themes the hotel design you want.





Increase your hotel bookings online. Reduce room vacancies.

Definitely, you will not regret having us build your business on the Internet.
We will surely take care of you.  Your success is also our success.

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