Add-on Services
Note:  Our primary mode of payment is Paypal.  If you will pay using other payment methods, just indicate your preferred payment method in the order form and we will email you the bill for you to make the payment.

Article Update
We will post 1 article update with 1 picture in your website.  Please fill up the order form and upload the files here. If you want to update more than 1 article in your website, just change the quantity when you pay via Paypal. If you will pay using other payment methods, just indicate your preferred payment method and we will email you the bill for you to make the payment.
P 225.00
per article with 1 picture. Two or more article updates shall be at P180.00 per article.

Create Social Accounts (Facebook page, Twitter Account and Google + Account)
We will create three (3) important social accounts for you – Facebook page (with Facebook cover and profile pic), a Twitter account with picture and Google+ account.  These accounts are essential ranking tool in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.  These  social accounts must be linked to your website via a WordPress social plugin for it to be an effective SEO tool.  We can install a social plugin and linked these social accounts to your website for a minimal fee.
P 900.00
for the 3 social accounts

Back-up Restoration of WordPress site
We can restore your WordPress site based on our latest backup on file per your request. We provide weekly backups of WordPress sites for all our WebDesign and  Hosting customers.   However, this is NOT a procedure you should rely on to keep copies of your content safe. We recommend you make your own backups. Our backups are made every week on a random day, and only the newest backups are kept. We make no guarantees about our weekly backups.  This restoration of backup is very helpful especially when your site is hacked or infected with malware.  At least you will not be starting from zero should your site gets destroyed by hackers or you inadvertently destroyed your site during your content update.
P 675.00
for every request

Install WordPress Plugins
We will install up to 3 WordPress plugins that don’t require so much configuration.  Most WordPress plugins are provided free for use by the creators.  We don’t guarantee if the plugin you choose will work with your existing theme.
P 540.00
per request, up to 3 WordPress plugins

Request Customization of Website
We can further customize your existing website design to fit your needs.  Just discuss in detail what you want to be done so we can give you an accurate quote.
P _.00
cost depends on complexity of customization request

Request Additional Email Addresses
You can request us to create additional email addresses for you if you have not utilized fully the number of email addresses allowed for your hosting account.  This service is FREE.  If you need more email addresses, then you have to upgrade your Hosting Plan.  Every new email address requires additional disk storage.  That is why, you need to upgrade the Hosting Plan.
for every additional email address within your plan

Install PhotoGallery plugin
We can install a WordPress Photogallery plugin for your site with 10 pictures.  Putting additional pictures in excess of 10 pictures in your gallery will be charged accordingly. Just give specific instructions where you want the gallery to be placed.
P 450.00
for 1 WordPress PhotoGallery plugin with 10 pictures

Post new pictures on Photo Gallery
After we have installed your WordPress Photo Gallery plugin and have installed the initial 10 pictures, you may request later to post more pictures in your website.
P 225.00
per request up to 10 pictures.

Request Upgrade of Existing Service
If you want to upgrade your existing service, just make a request and we will send you the invoice.  We will make the necessary adjustment in your next billing once is upgrade is paid and completed .
P _.00
depends on upgrade request

Request Additional Pages
If you subscribed to our Starter Web Design Package, you may to add additional pages to your site.  The price that you have to pay for the additional pages depends on the type of page you want and the complexity of content you want to put in. Just discuss fully the kind of page you want so we can give you a good quote.
P _.00
depends on type of page requested

On-Page SEO
We will install All-in-One SEO plugin in your site with the other plugins necessary for SEO. We will ensure that your site will be SEO-friendly.  If you want to start your SEO campaign, just check on our SEO services.
P 2,250.00
one-time fee


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